Policy Dialogue Series

Focus Group. EI preliminary assessment with local farmers.

The Haiti Research and Policy Program hosts an ongoing Dialogue Series that aims to link Earth Institute researchers with key figures of the Haitian diaspora, Haitian policy experts, foundations, Haitian scholars and government officials. Through the dialogues series, we support critical analysis and reflection around a range of topics that underpin Haiti’s development objectives. These discussions both challenge prevailing assumptions and propose possible paths towards a more sustainable future in Haiti.

Fall 2014 Dialogue Series

The Fall 2014 series focused on new research being completed that analyzes Ede Pep, the Haitian Governments’s social assistance programs for the poorest families and new research questioning the intersection of climate, development, security and fragility in Haiti.

Speaker(s) Affiliation Talk Title
Emilie Perge


Alex Fischer

The Agriculture and Food Security Center, The Earth Institute

The Haiti Research and Policy Program, The Earth Institute

Analysis of Haiti’s Social Assistance Programs: Ede Pep
Gerald Stang

Alex Fischer
Marc Levy

Sabine Marx

Roger-Mark de-Souza


European Union Institute for Security Studies

The Haiti Research and Policy Program, The Earth Institute

Center for International Earth Sciences Information Network

Center for Research on Environmental Decisions, The Earth Institute

The Woodrow Wilson Center


What do we know about climate, security and development linkages in the context of Haiti?

Spring 2014 Dialogue Series

The series focused on the role and opportunity for pro-bono and volunteer support to align with the Haitian National Development Plan (Plan Stratégique de Développement d’Haïti-PSDH) and long-term development projects.

Speaker(s) Affiliation Talk Title
Marie-Claude Jean-Baptiste, Eric Ordway, and David Griffiths The Vance Center for International Justice and Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP. Pro-Bono Legal Support in Haiti: Approaches to Judicial Training and Legal Reforms

Fall 2013 Dialogue Series

The series was focused on the role of data, technology and diaspora in the formulation and implementation of the Haitian National Development Plan (Plan Stratégique de Développement d’Haïti-PSDH).

Speaker(s) Affiliation Talk Title
Frantz Verella Former Minister of Public Works, Transportation and Communication and lead author of the Plan Stratégique de Développement d’Haïti Perspectives on Haiti’s National Strategic Development Plan, Infrastructure Planning
Johnny Celestin Deputy Chief of Staff, Ministère de la Plannification et de la Coopération Externe Perspectives on Haiti’s National Strategic Development Plan: Designing Local Development Investment and Capacity Building Programs
Honorable Ambassador Paul Altidor, Katleen Felix, Ludovic Comeau, Kingsley Aikins, Tatiana Wah, Judge Lionel Jean Baptiste, Serge Renaud and many more. National Association of Haitian Professionals, The Haitian Hometown Association, Joseph Denis Thomas Foundation (JDT Foundation) Haitian Diaspora Engagement and Innovation: Models, Methods and Mechanisms for Diaspora Engagement in Haiti
Kingsley Aikins and Efraín Jiménez Chairman of Linked Finance, Ireland’s first peer-to-peer crowdfunding company for SMEs and; Executive Director, Federación Zacatecana A.C. Diaspora and Development: Models from Ireland and Mexico
Maarten Boute Former CEO of Digicel and current CEO of Re-Volt S.A. Perspectives on Haiti’s National Strategic Development Plan & Plan Implementation: The role of mobile technology and access

Spring 2013 Dialogue Series

The Spring 2013 series welcomed over 14 guests to reflect on their mulch-faceted perspectives on the complexity of development in Haiti. The series aimed at exposing students, researchers, partners and the Columbia community to the range of development challenges, multi-sectoral needs and approaches to achieving long-term impacts in Haiti. Launching the series, the speakers ranged from the H.E. Laurent Lamont, Prime Minister of Haiti to the executive directors of large private foundations, to authors and journalists capturing the multiple perspectives, to story tellers to academics and fellow researchers.

The Fall 2013 series will be announced mid-summer 2013 and will aim to focus more closely on several core questions. For more information please contact our CGSD team.

For more information please visit the full blog entry on the State of the Planet Blog:


Speaker(s) Affiliation Talk Title
Kimberly Green President of the Green Family Foundation The Role of Small Foundations in Haiti’s Development & Investments in Cultural Repatriation Projects
Laurent Lamothe Prime Minister of Haiti Articulating Strategies for Data-Driven Policy Support
Dr. Florence Guillaume Minister of Public Health and Population of the Republic of Haiti Health System Options in Haiti
Leslie Pean Former World Bank economist and former Socabank vice president Haiti: Decentralization & Local Development Finance – Challenges & Opportunities
Jonathan M. Katz Author and Journalist Discussion with Author Jonathan M. Katz on his new book, “How the World Came to Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster
Katleen Felix Fonkonze The Evolution of Micro-Finance in Haiti
Karl Jean-Louis/Philippe Cantave CCS Unit of Public Policy Coordination & Monitoring/Chief Executive Director Capacity Building Group Haiti: Capacity Building for Public Sector Performance – Challenges & Opportunities
Katleen Felix KANPE The Haitian diaspora and their potential role in coordinated local development
Sophia Stransky Digicel Foundation Supporting education and smart monitoring in Haiti
Amy Wilentz American Writer, Journalist, English and Literary Journalism Professor, University of California, Irvine Book Talk with Author Amy Wilentz on Farewell, Fred Voodoo